San Diego Whale Watching

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It’s no secret to anybody that the coast of San Diego
is the perfect location to watch the yearly migration of
the gray whale. Looked upon as one of nature’s ultimate
spectacles; the migration of gray whales is nothing
short of awesome. The shoreline of San Diego is
among their migratory points as they travel from the
waters of the Arctic to the warmer areas of the Baja
( California), where females likewise give birth.

Every year, roughly 26,000 gray whales will make the
long journey of 10,000+ miles from the Arctic to the Baja
and back. If you look at this journey and compare it to
any other mammal, you’ll observe that the gray whale by
far has the best amount of traveling at hand.

If you have actually never ever experienced whale enjoying, you’ll be
happy to know that anybody will find it unforgettable – young
or old. Finding a gray whale along the coastline is
something that is really a memorable moment, making you
pick up a second and really value these awesome

If you ask the Birch Aquarium in San Diego, you’ll find
that gray whales are seen most regularly from December
through March. While they travel in lots normally,
it’s absolutely nothing to see pods of them (2 – 3) as they take a trip
during migration. Throughout the coast of San Diego,
you can easily find these whales as they are rather
slow swimmers.

During their swimming, they will normally dive to a depth
of 100 feet or more for a couple of minutes, then surface and
blow. Then, they will do a few shallow dives, prior to
making that deep dive once again. When enjoying whales, figuring
out this pattern makes the success of seeing them all
the more enjoyable and exciting.

While there are many common places to view whales,
absolutely nothing appears to compare with the excitement of enjoying them
from aboard a cruise. There are numerous cruises that take
place in San Diego, many of which provide unbeatable deals.
From H&M Landing to the Birch Fish tank, cruises are some of
the best ways to see the appeal and serenity of the
traveling gray whales.

The appeal of the gray whales can likewise be seen from lots of
points of the San Diego coast, including the Cabrillo
National Monument on Point Loma or the cliffs of Torrey Pines
State Beach. Along these points, you can see the whales as
they make their journeys.

Whether it’s a cruise or just watching from the coast, whale
seeing in San Diego is something you really have to see to
value. You can take your kids, family, or even your
buddies. Whale watching can certainly be interesting, all you
have to do is plan your day and take pleasure in everything that the
charm of the gray whale will supply you with.

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