Treatment for HPV That I had Contacted

hpv-on-penisLiving in Newport Beach has taught me a lot, and sadly one of them has been that human papillomavirus or most commonly known as HPV has no cure at all. Of all the diseases that I could have gotten, I had to get an STD that has no cure. I didn’t know that I had HPV until I got to visit a doctor here in this city by the name of Dr. Lauber because I kept developing these funny conditions that made me go there. There is nothing as discomforting as the idea of having HPV but the way that the doctor handled my case was just superb, and this made me calm a bit. I have never contacted any STD ever since I was a kid and this was my first, and I hope that it will be my last. It does cause a lot of problems for you, and this is exactly what I felt the moment that I was told it was HPV. Doing research online does not help at all as you get sacred even further because of what it can cause in the end.

This doctor got to walk me through all that there is to know about HPV although I must admit that I was scared when he said that this could eventually cause Cancer. It does not go well with me that if this had not been discovered earlier and taken under control, I would be living with the fear that one-day cancer would get to hit me. The doctor talked to me in one of the best ways possible, and I must admit that I came out of his office feeling much relieved and the fear was no longer there. If we happened to have a doctor like this for every medical condition out there, then everyone would be happy walking into a hospital. The worst thing about HPV is the fact that there are entirely no symptoms and you have to wait for something to show up before you can visit a medical practitioner.

Apparently, you are supposed to have been vaccinated at the age of 11 or 12 against this virus according to what the doctor got to tell me, and I do not remember getting such a vaccination. I need not even think that I got this vaccination as I wouldn’t have gone to see him in the first place. Luckily for me, I never got cancer, and all that there was were some genital warts that I got treatment for. This is one of the signs that you do indeed have HPV as the doctor explained to me. There is no way to tell if you have this virus so if you develop genital warts, it could be your body telling you that you have HPV. I didn’t think that I would find such an incredible doctor in Newport Beach but I did, and he taught me a lot beside giving me the treatment that worked. Dr. Lauber sure is one of the best that we have here.