A Personal Story About Genital Warts

The Worst Experience

Genital warts can be embarrassing and a source of discomfort as well as a challenge to deal with, especially if you are newly infected. They are not painful as such or life threatening per say but they make you not to have a normal sex life when you have them. So, it is paramount to ensure that you take great care of your penis as much as you can to prevent yourself from such unwanted instances. Most men who have genital warts usually find it difficult to share their story publicly with anyone. But for those of us who have just found they have warts, rest reassured because am about to share my personal similar experience. I am a genital wart victim.

A Surprise

I have been always proud of my penis since I was at a tender age,
so seeing some sort of spots on my penis came as a surprise and more of a shock to my body system.

I have always been the kind of a guy who has a great looking dick. All of my girlfriends whom I have courted always told me that, and I have always been confident of whipping it out and putting it to work without worrying about anything. So, when I discovered that I had these spots on it, you can figure out how weird it was for me.

The spots that showed up were small and white. They were populated along the head region of my penis, right under the crown. These spots were not painful at all but they were extremely ugly to look at. They closely resembled something that looks like blocked pores or pimples, and since this is what I assumed, I attacked them as you could go after acne blemishes.

I thought to myself that I have not kept things clean as it could supposedly be down there, so I sunk my fingers to pinch those bumps and squeeze the stuff inside.
That’s what I always do when I find zits on my face, so it looked normal to me.

A Trip to a doctor And Treatment

I couldn’t believe because as much as I could pinch and squeeze the bumps nothing could come out. I was in pain days afterward, and these bumps were too legit to quit me. They just scabbed and healed after a few days, and they turned as white and bumpy as ever. Rather than staying at home and mangle my equipment, I decided to visit orange county genital warts doctor in Newport Beach city.

During my appointment with Dr. Lauber, I found out that I was having genital wart which is a normal variation of HPV that affects a large number of men. I also found out that the orange county genital doctors remove warts by burning them off or by freezing them, as with other similar skin conditions.

While I was not comfortable with living with this kind of bumps all my life, I was relieved to find out that I was not supposed to go through any kind of surgery or something. I was given a cream that I applied on my penis to make its skin look healthier, more responsive and capable of delivering pleasure.